Istrian olive growing has a thousand-year  tradition that has been passed down to the present generations. Kristofola brand of olive oil is also  associated with the history and values of Istria. For centuries, the name Kristofola has been associated with the plot on which we built our olive grove, near the picturesque Istrian town of Bale with a view of the Brijuni archipelago on the site of ancient Roman olive groves.

The Kristofola brand is named after a land which name dates back to Roman times. The name Kristofola comes from Saint Christopher, a man of giant growth and strength, protector of the island of Rab, gardener, sailor and  protector from all troubles, storms and hurricanes. We often say that, along with the love for what we do, his sacrifice and loyalty are our main guides in caring for the land and the noble olive tree troughout all these years.

Since everything in our olive grove is local, we also  decided to entrust the brand identity to the Istrian studio for design and communicatons  – Sonda. Winners of many international awards were the right choice for our champion olive oil.

Land registry 1820.

Land registry 1968.

Digital map 2019.

Saint Christopher by Titian, 1524.